My TREE’s 2 Weeks

Its been 2 weeks, and my tree’s are showing life!

These are some of the first heirloom tomato seedlings planted in 2 Litre Bottles.

Little Green Girl

How neat to see Little Green Girl a member of the Green Roof Growers blogging team teaching her friends about making recycled soda bottle SIPs (sub-irrigated planters).

These are heirloom tomato starter plants potted up from seedlings on March 26. They now look like tomato plants and already have well formed root systems.

Girl Scout troop

Not long after teaching kids how to make 2-liter SIPs, we taught more children to make SIPs. In this case we taught our Girl Scout troop.

2-Liter Bottle Tree

I received by seed from a pair of Flip Flop 55’s, and planted the Indigenous tree seed! Progress is amazing!

I love this battle! this is not my tree – but what it she will grow into – i will upload a pic when i get home. My tree was gifted to me from my wonderful students.

Love Trees

this is my baby sweet thorn in just one week 🙂

White Ironwood

I got a Growing gift at the Durban eco exhibition, giving back a bit of life to the world, one tree at a time

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